Intensive Course


This course has 6 levels and it’s recommended for those who need to learn the language in a more advanced pace. The course length is about one month; it’s a Monday through Friday course. In the end of the course students will take a test to assess if they are able to enter the next level. We accept payments in cash or bank transfer

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This course is recommended for those who have a specific time available during the day, or who prefer to learn in private classes or who need reinforcement. This type of private class has different class loads and flexible schedules, so that you can take the course at the time that best suits you. We offer 10, 20 and a 40 hour load packages. To finish a whole level, you must do at least 40 hours (some students might need more hours). You can choose how many days and hours you want per day. So, it can be intensive classes (Monday through Friday) or regular classes (twice o three times a week), besides that, the classes can be 1 hour per day or 2h per day.

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