Cursos de Português

Portugues Courses

PORTUGUESE IN 7 WEEKS!!!! Intensive course – Twice a week, three hours each day Own study materials, native teachers and dynamic classes with the best and most innovative methodology to learn a language!! Open for registration!!!!

Other Courses

During the year, we open several courses and other activities in order to promote even more our fantastic methodology. Among them, we have revision of difficult themes, music and film days, literature workshops, courses for Portuguese teachers and tutoring for those who have the intention of teaching this language in the future.


CELPE-BRAS is the only certificate of proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese as a Second language officially recognized and developed by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC). The Celpe-Bras exam is offered in Brazil and many other countries with the support of the Brazilian Ministry of International Relations (MRE). It is the only certificate of proficiency in Portuguese as a second language that is officially recognised by the Brazilian Government. Internationally, it is accepted in companies and teaching institutions as a supporting document of Portuguese language competence. In Brazil, it is requested by universities to study undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. CELPE-Bras certificates speaking and writing skills in Portuguese language as spoken in Brazil. Through an only exam, applicants are evaluated in 4 levels of proficiency: Intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced and upper-advanced. We can open preparatory courses before the exam’s date (April/October) or at any time you consider necessary to start your preparation. It is compulsory to have taken Portuguese classes up to level 4. There are three levels of proficiency and the teacher in charge will continually help the student during the extension of their preparation.

Portuguese for companies

These are classes that can involve any kind of activities and themes or be strictly directed to Portuguese for business and the company’s activity. When we prepare a company’s staff, we customise our courses according to their necessities and interests. We set the schedule and fees as well as offering the possibility of delivering our classes at our institute.

Regular Courses

Twice a week, 2 hours a day. Regular courses are aimed for all those who have the time and want to learn this language with no rush. They have two starting date during the year for the plan of study to be perfectly completed and fulfilled. Dynamic classes divided in different subjects that help students to assimilate the language in an innovative way. Student’s participation in class and presentations are totally necessary in this kind of course. Classes are delivered by qualified professionals that are committed to the development of each student. Duration: 4.5 months.

Intensive courses

Our intensive courses consist of 6 hours a week and are about seven weeks long. We offer dynamic courses with native teachers who are specialists in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. At the time of acquiring a language, students need something that goes beyond the traditional way to learn a language. A general knowledge of culture is needed as well as getting involve with other ways to learn a language apart from books and charts with verb tenses HIBRA! Offers a dynamic and complete teaching of the language and makes you stronger at the time you need to speak, read and interpret. All of this makes our method 100% efficient.