For an easier and faster development of the communicational skill, we focus our working methodology on training speaking and writing skills as well as the motivation of cultural diversity, the exchange of experiences and the respect towards different cultures. In order to broaden knowledge, we provide our students with training based on videos, songs, articles, games, meetings, outings, up-to-date materials and everything which is necessary to approach a language and put into practice what has been taught. What makes us stand out from the rest is our professional approach to each language. We create a world where we are able to break down each language and find simple and practical ways to acquire them. allows our students to gain a closer insight into each country and its culture and to be fully immersed in their language. Our highly qualified professionals convey much more than just knowledge. They show patience and enthusiasm to learn more and more about every student, to make each class fun and to demonstrate that the art of “teaching” is the most wonderful thing ever. Backing HIBRA’s excellent team of teachers, there is a team of outstanding administrative staff that complement the school's high quality by efficiently taking care of any needs.